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the bowler

the bowler

GUNDERSON Episode 05: Gunderfun - comedy web series NSFW

2y ago


Rick Gunderson's campaign kicks off, and Judy's affair heats up. Tensions arise amongst friends after Gunderson drops a rank JC diss track. Gunderson. Episode 05 of 10. GUNDERFUN. Released June 4, 2012 [WARNING: Contains Explicit Language and Mature Content] Created and Written by DANIEL REDENBACH & TYSON OFF Produced and Directed by DANIEL REDENBACH Executive Producer KELSO L. DROTAR starring TYSON OFF as Glen Gunderson JAMES WHITTINGHAM as Rick Gunderson DUNCAN FISHER as Boomer ASHTON FRANCIS as JC ANGEL GENEREUX as Judy Gunderson KEON FRANCIS as Hal LAURA STEPONCHEV as Janie also starring DAVID WALKER as Jerry the Bowler Animated Sequence: Designed and Animated by ADRIAN DEAN Additional Casting by WAYNE SLINN, S&H Casting Editor TREVOR ANDERSON Camera MATTHEW HOLLAND Assistant Director WILLIAM DULL Art Director AMANDA RAE SMITH Costume Designer RILEY LAWSON Camera Assistant MASYON DENYSYK Boom Operator ARVIND KAUSHAL Boom Operator DANNY TREVENA Boom Operator CLARK PROTZ Special Effects EMERSEN ZIFFLE Postproduction Sound Mix BLACK LABS Catering: Regina DICKIE YUZICAPI, The Sioux Chef Series Intro created by TREVOR CORRIGAN Sponsored by BIG ZEE'S PIZZA CAB CLOTHING CAPITAL KIA NAU GROUP SKIN CITY TATTOOS WHEATLAND WATER CONDITIONING Songs "Sonic Plains" by Orbital Express, from Orbital Express LP Courtesy: Orbital Express "Just Another Day at the Office" by Cupcake, from How I Spent My Summer Vacation EP courtesy: Cupcake "Captain Overboard" by Kleins96, from Modern Fortune LP courtesy of Harvest King Records "Terror" by Toxichock, from unreleased album Courtesy: Toxichock "Self-Deliverance" by Harmful Effects, from The Rising LP Courtesy: Harmful Effects "Fuck You, JC" lyrics written and performed by Tyson Off produced by Vector Futon GUNDERSON is a DIY production that was largely improvised and shot in Yorkton and Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada during the summer of 2011. It was incredibly fun. Gunderson is no way affiliated with, or endorsed by the city of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Produced with the assistance of SASKATCHEWAN ARTS BOARD THE SASKATCHEWAN FILM EMPLOYMENT TAX CREDIT SASKATCHEWAN FILMPOOL COOPERATIVE Copyright 2012, Tyson Off & Daniel Redenbach