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blew it

blew it

The Gulls - Julianne

4y ago


Pick up the mini EP, DRUGS. DOGS. GUNS., now available on iTunes Music Store! JULIANNE Oh, Julianne don't waste your time on me You caught me off guard, as your decision was made An easy catch for you, but hey, everyone needs to get laid Feed me your poison, I may mistake it for love Spoil the young buck, but don't give him too much You have know idea what you've done, I'm no fun I wonder if she would've let me use my tongue Oh, Julianne Don't waste your time on me There are plenty of better fish in the sea I'll probably end up just staining your sheets Is it the fool, who doesn't know how to quit? Before consciousness betrays, without even the glimpse of a tit And with the queen you get one chance, if any at all Mine was taken by a sip of clear alcohol You don't know what we could've had, it's so sad The place where people meet is just so fucking bad Julianne, looking back it's like a dream Me and you could've been so happy A simple strobed night, no morning light, could've changed your life And it kills me to think of all the beauty gone to waste Disregard the circumstances, ever heard of second chances? Do you still think about me late at night? I'm not opposed to giving it another try And then again I wouldn't blame ya If you passed me on the street like a stranger I really blew it this time All words & music written by The Gulls