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Guinness World Record w Comic Book Legend Stan Lee, Thomas Jane - it's big! huge!

4y ago


Did u know Spider Man has influenced over 26 Guinness World Records? Spiderman is just one of the 18 superheroes created by the Real Stan Lee which have inspired major motion pictures. Yes, that is another world record too, most superheroes created by one person to be turned into movie characters! My Geek Universe host Diana Terranova caught up with Stan Lee as he received yet another Guinness World Record, this time for "The Largest Graphic Novel ever produced - Romeo and Juliet - The War". This award was shared with 1821 Comics Terry Dougas, co-creator of the novel. It was presented to them by a man known for his "big" ways, HBO TV's "Hung" actor Thomas Jane. These amazing artists didn't even keep the book. They immediately auctiond it for charity with all proceeds benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Institute, Many well known artists donated pieces for auction that night including Terry Dougas, Anthony Lee Winn and more. Comic Creator Stan Lee is a real life superhero to many of his fans. Considered a legend in the world of comic books, his characters from the X-Men to Iron Man are more recognizable that our nations leaders. Fans love that Lee's characters have a sense of humanity about them, they aren't perfect and make horrible mistakes. They tackle real life problems like battling drugs and alcohol and even get hurt and betrayed by their friends. You can follow Stan "The Man" Lee online at and on twitter @therealstanlee. Lee is a superhuman to many comic book fans for being the first to challenge the Comics Code Authority back in the 1970's by talking about drugs alcohol in an issue of Spiderman. Terry Dougas of 1821 Comics who created Romeo and Juliet - The War with Stan Lee said "Stan the Man" is definitely his hero. He said the one and only Stan Lee can never be duplicated, 'nuff said! His said their new joint venture "Stan Lee's Kids World" not only pays homage to the living legend, it's the beginning of a new era in multi-media entertainment for the entire family. We can't wait for their first release, "Monsters vs Kittens" Anthony Lee Winn of Deep Cut Productions said working with his real life hero Stan Lee has been an awesome adventure over the last 14 years. It has taken them all the way to the White House! No really, there is a piece of "Stripperella artwork hanging in the White House. President Obama is one lucky guy. Many Stan Lee fans were at the live auction benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Institute to catch a glimpse of their hero and get his autograph! While waiting in line to bid on original artwork and meet Stan "The Man" Lee, many of the fans stopped by to tell us why they love Stan Lee. Dolldelight designer Cyril Lumboy said she loves the costumes and designs that his his comic book characters costumes have inspired in the fashion world. Actor and Raw Studios Co-Founder Thomas Jane called Stan Lee a genius and conceded that Iron Man, even with palladium poisoning in his arc reactor could beat Batman. Those are big words coming from the star of the popular HBO show "Hung". Filmed live on location at The Vault in Hollywood, California for My Geek Universe. Executive Producer Diana Terranova and Camera by Collier Landry. Thank you to the amazing Theo Dumont of Dumont Marketing, the Vault and fans and staff of Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo who made this possible. Additional thanks go out to Stan Lee, 1821 Comics and POW Entertainment for graciously allowing us to film for the John Wayne Cancer Institute, Romeo and Juliet- the War, Stripperella and POW Entertainment. Thank you to Max Anderson, Darren Passarello and Yuka Kobayashi for arranging everything! Please like and comment on our video! Please watch more videos at