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Guerilla Haiku Movement

4y ago


What do sidewalk chalk and haiku have to do with changing the world? A lot, claims Caley Vickerman, actor/educator and founder of the Guerilla Haiku Movement. In these events, a group of amateur haiku-ists/urban adventurers are given a scavenger hunt and a bucket of sidewalk chalk, then sent into neighborhoods in their city to cover what they see with chalked haiku. They are encouraged to get passers-by in on the fun, and the result is a city-wide celebration of its neighborhoods, by the inhabitants of those neighborhoods. (In haiku-form, of course.) Simple and profound, these poems are captured in images that are archived on the Guerilla Haiku website: Starting in 2011 with 12 U.S. cities, the goal for 2012 is to spread throughout the country and beyond.. We are looking for organizations interested in hosting Guerilla Haiku in their communities, and for people interested in participating in events as Haiku Agents. cover our cities with fleeting, eloquent words we can change our worlds. Join Us! Coming this Spring to New Orleans, Jacksonville and Manhattan. Stay tuned for dates. Contact to be added to the mailing list, or with any other queries. Check us out on twitter, FB, Flickr, and YouTube: ghm575 Thanks to Maggie of Sage Productions for her Video-editing awesomeness. Laura Desantis-Olsson for her camera skills. Tony Litwak for the San Francisco footage. Nicole Rubendall for our beloved gorilla logo design. And all 2000+ Haiku Agents and passers-by-turned-participants in 2011! To Haiku! -------------------------------- Video produced, directed, and edited by Maggie Perrotta Assisted by Laura DeSantis-Olsson Shot with with Panasonic AF-100 and Canon 5Dmii Additional footage shot on GoPro HD Canon 16 - 35mm 2.8 L lens Canon 50mm 1.4 lens IGUS slider