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gulf stream

gulf stream

Growing up

2y ago


Follow your dreams; I was growing up a comical teen, disregarding empty parties for intangible means of success. Flowing like the gulf stream on the west, we grew up determined yearning for a life we assessed as surreal. back when glossin' over beats was a big deal, twice the time to spit a half of the feel. now we spit real, crisp, like a click of the heels. yellow brick roads, the unknown's the drive we revealed to excite. as if everything accomplished in life was a days work, a journal written out over night we were right, 'cause every spark we ever tried to ignite would enlight our inner sense to follow passion, in spite of the rest, dope like 'ya girl undressed, we' comin' at you, rippin bars to leave you speechless, impressed by the subject, tearin' off too much to digest, well assessed, we send your heart into a state of arrest. Cause we were, them word criminals, flash you with subliminals, leave your jaw dropped and craving shit you took in minimals. We spit clinical, be leaving haters cynical, so take your time, 'cause while you're trying to rhyme we're at the pinnacle. Sweet like sugar and spices, powdering puff girls- a couple white kids with their license tearing up shit, mocking dyke mike tysons burning round town, ford endangering lifes with 2 doors, tight hits, couple of pipes lit, music on max if we like it. Verbally deduce the opposition to lifeless mass, so they can immitate a great when they write shit. 'Cause that's the angle I've been gettin' at. I can hand to you a handle on the game, if you can handle that? I can send you back to where you came, to the patch with all the other cabbage kids whos average is a little whack. But that's the crack of teenage excellence, that adolesent arrogance combined with flat intelligence, the drive to live the life aspired to merrit precedence, which in the end, has proven long and tired and slightly venemous. Live life, live right, live how you like never let the drama ruin the night. cause if life is for the memories, my memories might be the glue to hold my sanity together through life; we're still young.