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Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Promo "You Be Illin'" (HD)

2y ago


Grey's Anatomy 10x18 "You Be Illin'" - The hospital gets inundated with flu infected patients, which causes the doctors to slowly fall ill one by one. Derek must fight off the sickness as he prepares to give a speech on brain mapping and the residents place bets on who will fall ill first. Meanwhile, a new doctor at the hospital gives Alex a glimpse into an alternate form of medical practice, on "Grey's Anatomy," Thursday, April 3rd on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on YouTube for more Grey's Anatomy season 10 promos in HD! Official website: Official Facebook Page: Official Twitter Page: Grey's Anatomy on Amazon: Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Promo/Preview "You Be Illin'" Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18 Promo Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Promo "You Be Illin'" (HD) Grey's Anatomy 10x18, Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Promo, Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Preview, Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Trailer, tvpromosdb, Grey's Anatomy S010E18 Promo, Grey's Anatomy, Season 10, Episode 18, tvpromosdb, ABC, You Be Illin', Promo, Preview