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Green Slime Alert(s. California coast)Mish. Oil Spill (27July2010)+more

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Today Biological Hazard BH-20100728-27167-CAN Canada State of California Between Long Beach and Newport Beach Swimmers, surfers and fishermen are being warned of a mysterious green, slimy substance seen floating in the ocean along the Southern California coast. The green substance has been spotted from Long Beach to Newport Beach, according to recent reports. Health officials say the floating green stuff is actually a common algal bloom that is the result of increased temperatures. Swimmers are urged to avoid direct contact with the bright green film. If they do touch it, they should wash it off in the shower, Long Beach Health Department environmental health specialist Nelson Kerr told said. Fishermen seeking mussels should use caution since toxins can increase with the warmer weather, Kerr added. During the algal bloom season -- between May and October -- only commercially harvested mussels are considered safe, he said. Today Flood FL-20100728-27173-USA USA State of North Carolina North Carolina-wide The rain fell so heavy and so fast around the triangle, roadways turned into rivers in many areas and Flash Flooding was widespread around the state. Some of the hardest hit areas were Central Wake, Northern Lee, and Chatham Counties—as the saturated ground combined with hours of steady downpours resulted in Flash Flooding around the Triangle on Tuesday afternoon. From the early morning hours until long after sunset was all that it took to cause a street such as Ferrell Road in Lee County to be completely covered and cease driving from occurring. When Apex resident Mike Key saw the street, he followed the famous advice of "Don't drown, turn around" "There's two ways out of here other than that so, we just have to take the long way around the neighborhood out. But a few minutes longer, it's safer. I've learned a long time ago not to drive through that kind of water," said Key. While everyone was under Tuesday's downpour, many residents said they are more than happy to exchange a little inconvenience for some much needed rain. "I think the area really, really needed it. I know our yard did and we actually have a couple ponds and they were getting really low. So we're excited so see them get back to normal," said Cheryl Joyce, Apex resident. Today Forest Fire WF-20100728-27175-USA USA State of California Tehachapi About 30 to 40 homes have been lost to a wildfire about 10 miles southeast of the Mojave Desert town of Tehachapi, firefighters said Tuesday. Kern County Fire Department Engineer Anthony Romero said the fire erupted at about 3 p.m. and quickly grew to more than 500 acres. Officials said 150 structures were threatened and about 200 firefighters were on the scene along with waterdropping aircraft. The small hill community known as Old West Ranch was evacuated. The area is about 70 miles north of Los Angeles. "The wind has been a big factor. It's changing on us a lot," Romero said. "Now it's blowing from the southeast, going over a couple of ridges." In northern Kern County, an eight-square-mile wildfire in Sequoia National Forest earlier destroyed six homes and forced the evacuation of a camp for juvenile offenders near Kernville. The cause of the blaze, which began Monday, is under investigation. In far northeastern California, crews have 30 percent containment of lightning fires that have burned 250 acres of timber in Lassen County. Today Forest Fire WF-20100728-27169-USA USA State of California Sequoia National Forest Today Vehicle Accident VI-20100728-27166-USA USA State of Louisiana Pere Ana C Gas Rig, Barataria Bay Mish oil spill video