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in town

in town

GREEN RIDERS - 3 - Community-based Tourism and Mangroves

4y ago


GREEN RIDERS are back in town. Or in the village. In Kok Krai village, Krabi province, Thailand to be precise. To learn about the choices the community has made to develop a local ecotourism model, instead of cutting back the mangroves to build resorts like so many villages in the region. We learn abou this project from our host Ibrahim, enjoy taking part in community activities, and visit the mangroves of Krabi in the early morning to learn about its rich biodiversity and spot some of the creatures that call it home. Enjoy! GREEN RIDERS is a video-journey, exploring environmental stories, struggles and successes, across Southeast Asia, by bamboo bike and other sustainable means. Subscribe to our YouTube feed to catch all the episodes at: And to our blog for all the updates at: Keep pedalling!