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Grammy Winner for "Best Rock Vocal" Donna Summer sings in MI tour

2y ago


Pop/Rock/R&B Superstar & former 80's Grammy winner for "Best Rock Vocal", Donna Summer sings Live during her 1992 tour! Donna has won a total of 5 Grammy's and 11 additional Grammy nominatons. She paved the way for other female hitmakers like Madonna, Janet, Whitney, Beyonce ect. Donna is one of the most successful & influential female hitmakers of the rock era and is nominated for the 2008 Rock & Roll hall of fame. See 100 top Women of Rock & Roll: Pat Benatar, Carly Simon & Donna Summer were among the nominees announced for Best Rock Performance(Female)at the 1980 Grammy Awards, Donna takes it home with "Hot Stuff"! This Clip is from 1992 "Say a little pray." It shows some of Donna's Rock side that was not aired in 1980 award show. The following year Donna astounded audiences with "The Wanderer", a decidedly all rock-oriented album. Donna is no stranger to Rock, In her teens she joined a Psychedelic-Rock-Band called "The Crow",named because Donna was the only black member of the group. At eighteen, Donna Gaines (Summer) left home and school to take up a major supporting role in the hippy Broadway Rock musical, "Hair". To see Donna Preform her Grammy winning song "Hot Stuff" See: For more info on Black female rockers see; Her long list of musical accomplishments include: 14 #1 Billboard singles, 12 Gold and Platinum singles, 5 Grammy Awards & 11 other Grammy nominations, 6 American Music Awards, 3 Double Platinum albums, 1 Platinum album, 8 Gold albums. Her song "Last Dance" won both Oscar and Golden Globe awards.. Donna has a new CD & Comback Tour coming May 2008. "Stamp your feet" will be the 1st pop single.