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Graceland 3

4y ago


A man with blonde locks came in and gave a smile to Rosario. I'm guessing its Adam, Vanessa and Demi's step-dad, Taylor and Dianna's uncle, and Rosario's 2nd husband. Demi gave him a small nod, rolled her eyes, and walked out to her villa to get ready. Selena's eyes traveled around the faces of everyone while muttering something to herself. Thankfully, I can read lips. "There has got to be a fire code on this place." I noticed her saying. "Selena, do you want breakfast?" Brooke gestured to the pancakes she was placing on the table. My step-sister nodded tiredly through her final yawn and picked at the food presented in front of her. Nick's mom then set out an array of different drinks for everybody to choose from. "Pass me a juice please?" The guy under me requested. I nodded and reached for his juice and my water. "Thanks." He flashed a small smirk in gratitude and took a sip of his juice. "Hey ma, don't forget that I've got plans for this afternoon." He caught his mother's attention. "I know, I know! You've got that thing with Joe at the lake, and then you've got that party to start planning." She began to break eggs for omelets and such. "Party?" I looked to him in interest. "Yeah, in a few weeks, us cousins invite a bunch of people over and party. You and Selena can come." He explained and invited Selena and I. "Sounds pretty rad." I nodded in agreement of his arrangements. "Will you need any help planning this festivity?" I asked flirtatiously. "Well of course I will and what if I told you that I want your help?" He said to me in a low tone. I blushed lightly. "What if I told you that I'd be honored and very happy to be at your service?" I figuratively curtsied in gratitude. He chuckled and sipped his juice again. "So what do you wanna do today?" Selena asked me from down the table. "I just wanna chill." And right as I said that, I felt Nick's hand travel up my left thigh, giving me chills. I sent him a knowing look and smirked flirtatiously while he squeezed my thigh. "Well, Vanessa's taking me shopping." My step-sister added in self-pride. "That's nice." I sighed to her and drank my water. "Maybe we could get a head-start on party planning." The guy under me suggested. "Sounds like a plan." I gave a quick smile to him and sipped my water. "We should just keep the party casual." I said to Nick as he flipped through a few pages in a white binder as he walked in the room. "I was just thinking that myself." He slammed the binder shut and sat next to me. Surprisingly, the house was quiet as Nick and I conversed about the party. "We could have a casual party in the backyard, a band, and just sodas and whatever food we want." I said to him before resting my calves on his thighs. "Sounds even better." He smiled in agreement. Dianna walked in, wearing Darren's shirt from this morning with her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. This could only mean one thing; she slept with Darren. "Wow, Di. You were simply flirting with Darren only a few hours ago and now you're fucking him?" I gave a low chuckle. "Well, we flirted and then we got to kissing, and then we were making out, and..." Her voice drifted. "I'll tell you later." She came to a stop and sat down in a chair across from me. Darren came through, looking for Dianna. "Oh, there you are." He smirked at her, already knowing what just happened between them. "Yes, I are there." She smiled jokingly, rising a chuckled out of Nick's older brother as he sat down with her, placing Dianna on his lap. "So how's the planning going?" She perked up. "It's going.." I looked to Nick before finishing my sentence. "Just fine." He finished my phrase and gave a reassuring smile. "Right." Darren said sarcastically. "So how many girls will be there?" He asked. Dianna sent him a glare. "I just had sex with you and you're asking for other girls!?" She gritted. "Baby, you know you're my number 1." He tried to charm her into forgiving him. She swooned and kissed him gently. After awhile, Nick...