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Gozu (2003) - Official Trailer [HQ]

2y ago


Gozu (2003) - Official Trailer Directed by Takashi Miike Language: Japanese Starring: Yûta Sone Shô Aikawa Kimika Yoshino Synopsis: Minami, a member of the Azamawari crew, highly respects his Aniki (brother) Ozaki who has saved his life in the past. However, lately Ozaki's eccentricities (like claiming that a Chihuahua hs sees is a 'Yakuza attack dog') have been making everyone wonder about his sanity. Chairman Azamawari is unsympathetic to Ozaki's little outbursts and secretly orders Minami to take Ozaki to a disposal facility in the city of Nagoya. There, the fate of these two follows a twisted path filled with violence, mother's milk, strange locals, and ultimately the disappearance of Ozaki's corpse which Minami now desperately tries to recover. Click for MORE Trailers: