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john the revelator

john the revelator

Gov't Mule 6-11-1996 Lawrence, KS - Don't Step On The Grass,Sam

4y ago


GOV'T MULE June 11th 1996 The Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas ***Under Law of Fair Use. For educational purposes only. No copyrights infringements intended*** Never Buy Or Sell Live Music Recordings/Videos! Source Info: Video- Low-gen VHS, Audience cam w/Tripod, unknown taper Audio- Soundboard--DAT DVD Authored by SYF8 Thanks to everyone invoved!!! One Set 1. Mule 2. Temporary Saint 3. Mr.Big 4. Birth Of The Mule* 5. Don't Step on the Grass, Sam 6. Gameface 7. Trane--3rd Stone From the Sun Jam--Eternity's Breathe Jam 8. Thelonious Beck**--St.Stephen Jam 9. I Shall Be Released 10. John The Revelator--Pygmy Twylyte--Blind Man In The Dark--Drums--Blind Man In The Dark 11. Mother Earth 12. In The Presence Of The Lord 13. Just Got Paid-- Who Do You Love?-- Just Got Paid Encores 14. Kind Of Bird 15. Goin' Out West 16. Young Man Blues--Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-- Young Man Blues *= original title- "Instrumental #1" **= original title- "Instrumental #2" original mule: Allen Woody Matt Abts Warren Haynes