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breaking records

breaking records

Gotye Parody - R.A. Dickey (The Knuckle Ball Song)

4y ago


My tribute to RA Dickey - Join the RAD Rally Squad: Now and then I think about the Texas Rangers When they drafted me they thought I was their guy Told me that I had no UCL Told me that I couldn't pitch that well And now I hope that I can see them in October Cause now I throw a Knuckle Ball Making batters swing and miss when Collins calls my number Thole needs a different glove Because being a catcher never was so rough Every time I take the mound I'm breaking records and putting up ridiculous numbers Two complete games in a row Now you wish I never taught myself to throw... The Knuckle! (taught myself to throw) It's the knuckle that I taught myself to throw... (Dickey...RAD Rally Squad...IDK wtf else I said there, lol)