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Google Penguin 1.1, Google Shopping, Google+ Local & Fault

4y ago

Description - Google finally pushed out a Penguin algorithm refresh, it was done early Saturday morning and named Penguin 1.1. We thought Google released a Panda refresh a day or so ago but it wasn't confirmed. Google Product Search is being decommissioned and replacing it is a paid Google Shopping service. Google seems to be showing less rich snippets suddenly. Google+ Local is replacing Google Places, some cool changes but worry comes with it. We also have details and FAQs on what businesses should do or not do with Google+ Local changes. Google in China is being censored like crazy and there is a video that shows how bad it is. Google updated the "can competitors harm my rankings" statement. Amit, the head of Google search, was happy to overhear a conversation in Starbucks about how Penguin and Panda stops SEO tricks. And Amit is to blame for Penguin and Panda, not me. I posted two skewed polls, one saying 65% of SEOs were hurt by the Penguin update and 14% of SEOs fully trust Google. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Official: Google Penguin 1.1 Now Live : Google Panda 3.7 Refresh Rumors : Webmasters Feel Hurt By Google Shopping Move To Paid Placement : Google Pruning Rich Snippets In Search Results? : Google+ Local Replaces Google Places : Manage Your Google+ Local Page : Google To China: Our Search Engine Is Being Manipulated : Google Updates "Can Competitors Harm Ranking" Statement : Overheard In Starbucks: Google Penguin & Panda Updates Prevent Tricks : Google's Penguin & Panda Updates Are My Fault? : My SEO Polls Are 87.3% Skewed : 65% Of SEOs Hurt By Google's Penguin Update : Only 14% Of SEOs Trust Google :