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next media animation

A Good Day to Die Hard official NMA movie trailer

4y ago


A Good Day to Die Hard is the 5th installment of the Die Hard series. Check out the movie trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard NMA style! You caught us! We're Die Hard nerds! We can't get enough of John McClane's dirty mouth and miraculous survival skills. Rumor has it his son, played by Jai Courtney, will play a significant part in A Good Day to Die Hard. It is also said that the movie will take place in Russia, even though the film crew has been spotted in Budapest, Hungary. Besides the release date, February 14, 2013, there have been few other details given about the movie. If we had to guess, there will be a lot of swearing, explosions and one bloody John McClane. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­ Daily videos brought to you by THE Taiwanese Animators behind the infamous Tiger Woods animation. We got the funniest animations on the web to help you stay in-the-know on all the trending stories, so sit back, relax, and watch a few. Visit our channel for your daily dose of Taiwanese Animations: Wish all your news was animated? Subscribe now: Can't get enough of Taiwanese animations? Connect with us here: Facebook Twitter @nmatv Tumblr Google+ Web