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Good bye for now from PowerGPU

4y ago


Well guys lots of you have been asking where I have been and this is what I have been doing,spending time with my family and taking care of my wife. Some of you know that my wife is pregnant with baby number 2 and I know I am not going to have anytime for utube when the second baby comes I am not leaveing for ever just for the time being, it can be 1 year or maybe even 2 years who knows. I have been on my pc about once a week now just becuz i have been playing lots of basketball got to stay in shape u know since I am at home all day with the baby. Well guys I love you all and I thank you for ur support you guys dont understand how much this youtube channel meant to me to help u guys in some stuff answering ur questions I loved doing that as I write this I have a single tear lol some of you guys are saying thats gay but I say thats part of life. This is just for now guys I hope to be back soon, I will be still on steam and skype so if u guys still have any questions lets me know plz its what I love doing helping people the most to my ability. PS: THE WHOLE THING THAT HAPPEN BETWEEN DARK AND I SUCKS BUT I DO FORGIVE HIM AND IF HE WANTS TO TALK THAT WOULD BE GREAT.