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Gong Bath - Blood Testing - Before & After; Part 1 of 2

3y ago


This movie details a remarkable physical change that took place in blood samples from the 1 person before & after a Richard Rudis Sacred Sound Gong Bath™ with blood being tested by Sherry Beitzel of 'Inside Out Therapies' of Boulder Colorado using a Darkfield Microscope. What we discovered was a remarkable healing transformation took place affecting the Red and White blood Cells, T- Cells and Platelettes. Sherry observed the Blood terrain opening up enhancing the flow of Oxygen & Nutrients, Red Blood Cells were less congested and the energy potential of the cell increased, the Immune System was incredibly stimulated and White Blood Cells were much more active, larger, brighter & inflammation indicators decreased. Also the amount of damaged Cells from possible parasitical damage decreased from 70% down to around 30%. All of this from just Sacred Sound. Amazing. See Blood testing Part 2 on YouTube for further examples. For information go to: