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team america

team america

Gollum and Smeagol and the Lords of the Penis

4y ago


After creating the Team America dub - So Hungry, we bring you Lords of the Penis! Please be nice and leave us a comment :) For those who wanted subtitles.... We wants some, We needs some, we must get some penisss. They hides it from us. Kinky little hobbitses. Leather, chains, whips. No, not master. Yes, his penis, big. They will whip you, hurt you, FUCK. Masters my fuck buddy. You don't have any fuck buddies, nobody fancies you. I'm not gay, I'm not a homo. You're a queer, and a poof. Straight. BUGGERER! Fuck off. Fuck off??? I'm not gay, I'm not gay. What would you do with a girl? BOLLOX, BOLLOX. I wanks us. It was me. We stayed hard because of me! Not anymore. You admit your gay? Master gives us bum sex now. We don't want you. POOF. Fuck off, and never come back. Grrr. Fuck off, and never come back. BASTARD!!! Fuck off, and never come back. We told him to fuck off, and now we can get some penis. GONE, GONE, GONE, Smeagol can fuck whoever he wants.