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Staff Picks

Golgohasht Powertech Pyrotech Pvp Lvl 50 SWTOR

4y ago


Golgohasht; Bounty Hunter Powertech; Pyrotech Server: Port Nowhere Build: Second video of my bounty hunter, some people says that they want to see how I play in a complete WZ, so i made a video, I just cut the after death running back to battle, and fast foward some not so cool action parts. Hope you like it :3 This video es only for fun, and its to show the gameplay of a class of the game Star Wars The Old Republic that I play actively. I do not own the 1st Dialogue, a chat beetween Billy and Poncho from the movie Predator (I just love that quote), and I use it for fun. The background credits at start by Arunav Sharma The songs are from a Italian Group called Deuxvolt from the album Union of Opposites, the first song Ill use its called Evampire, the second one, its called Devil Vs Man (kinda cut it to fit it in the video, but Ill use that awesome song in the second video after this one. You can visit Deuxvolt youtube channel here: and his page: Thx Deuxvolt for make that awesome music and spread it free :3 Support Music! Plz comment, rate and subscribe! Ty for watching!