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Golden Retriever Has a Treat | The Daily Puppy

4y ago


Follow us on YouTube so you don't miss an episode! See more cute puppies: Meet Stella, an adorable 3-month-old Golden Retriever. She is very sweet and very smart. Stella loves to make friends at the park, and she's quickly learning to swim in the ocean. At the Daily Puppy, the name says it all. We love puppies of all shapes, sizes, and colors and need a regular dose of cuteness. In this video series for eHow Pets, we're putting puppy pictures in motion. For cute puppy photos every day, check out Please send us your cute canine videos to We cannot guarantee your puppy will be featured, but following these guidelines will increase the chances: -Videos must be 2-3 minutes long. -Videos need to be shot in 16:9 ( ex. If the video is shot on a smartphone, please shoot the video horizontally.) -Close-up videos taken at eye level and should not have people in them (no people, or parts of people) -Videos should preferably be taken in natural light or outside in daylight, and not inside cages or kennels -Unaltered videos without special effects -Include a full paragraph about your dog's personality, favorite activities and so on.