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big bill broonzy

big bill broonzy

going down that road feeling bad/ain't gonna be treated this way - baritone ukulele week #6

4y ago


i actually forgot i did this one the other let's call this a 'pre-friday folk' folk song..... i'll post another later tonight that i'm excited about, but i've wanted to do this song for 'archiving's sake.' i have three versions of this song....woody guthrie's, big bill broonzy's, and burl ives' version....all are's a very simple song that leaves a lot of room for 'zipper verses' to fit a given situation. as you can tell i threw some in to fit the Arizona summer heat :) Woody's deals more with work conditions and the dust bowl era, Broonzy's is more relational, and Burl's is a jazzy mix with horns and killer female back up vocals.... i have no favorite at this point. a simple and somewhat repetitive song....i still hope you enjoy :)