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the title

the title

GoHem Hair Wash Scene, Ahem Koki Gopi Scene included as well:)

1y ago


Ahem washes Gopi's hair making her rest on her sofa ,the title track plays, when accidently water goes towards the bandage Ahem carefully washes it and asks her to rest, she is worried about his shirt getting wet but he tells her its ok...He tells her to rest now and not to do any work during the day.... Koki comes back from the temple with the prasad, she asks Gopi why did she washed her hair alone, she hesitates but is unable to answer Ahem comes and Koki waits for an answer, Koki sees water on the floor and asks Gop how did it spill Gopi looks at Ahem and Ahem again looks at Gopi, Koki understands and gives her the prasad and goes without asking any more question...Ahem tells that he is leaving for work and leaves..... No copyright infrigmented and i donot own the video, the video belongs to the respective channel and its site,this is just for sharing a small part of it with fans