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GMOs & Ormus * Where To Find Ormus * How To Make Ormus

4y ago


Hello everyone! Here's another video with my friend Dave sharing more information on Ormus. In this video, he talks about the incredible effects Ormus has on GMO's, the effects of Ormus on your seeds & plants, where Ormus can be found, how he makes his Ormus & how you can too! ***FYI: In a future video (I'll upload soon), Dave will talk in more detail about how he makes his Ormus*** I still have a lot of footage of Dave & I, so check in... oh, I'd say within the next few days to a week for the rest of the videos. I feel that the information Dave is sharing with us is fascinating, very valuable & to be looked into further. There is not nearly as much information on Ormus as we'd like, which can be attributed to various reasons. For instance, the powers that be do NOT want this info out there so they do their best to... well, not even acknowledge it, and when it is brought up, it is suppressed. The people who are involved with Ormus research know this so they do their best keep it on the down low, and are very conservative in the information they DO disclose to the public, since they don't want certain organizations after them! Since Ormus is not even acknowledged by mainstream, old-school, Newtonian-esque "science", there is a lack of clinical studies because, well, who's going to fund them? It's really up to people like you & me to take it upon ourselves to do our own research & connect/ collaborate with others, and then share our findings with others. The benefits of ormus pose as a major threat to the "healthcare" industry, Big Pharma & other corporations like Monsanto... so it's like we have to continue to keep it grass-roots...errr youtube-roots??? :P Umm... yeah, I guess we'll all see how much youtube will allow us to keep sharing this stuff. There's lots of censorship going on these days with google & youtube. We shall see. Hopefully this information will become mainstream though. Common' shift in collective consciousness!!!! =) If you'd like to order some of Dave's Ormus products, contact him via email here- He & his wife Riki are in the process of re-vamping the site, and they also just changed their number so don't call the number on the website, just email for now. :) FYI, he & his wife make different types of Ormus, so should ask him about the different types. :) Dave mentioned this lady, Chris or Christine Emmons, who wrote, "ORMUS Modern Day Alchemy" I haven't read it yet, but he says it's a fantastic book in terms of learning all about Ormus & how to make different types. Here's another great resource Dave mentioned: Wants lots of Ormus & the best water EVER? Look into finding a spring near you! Spring water is the bomb diggity :) If you're not familiar with GMO's, Monsanto & Codex Alimentarius, here are some links to check out for starters. Knowledge is power. :) Peace waves ~~~~ Leija :)