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Glow with the Show - World of Color passholder Event

4y ago


Disney held a couple of special annual passholder events at California Adventure in late June 2012. Known as 'Glow with the Show' the event gave each participant a set of the new interactive, light up Mickey ears that are synchronized to the World of Color show. Since this is one of the very few times that 95%+ of the World of Color viewers would all be wearing these interactive hats, we thought it prudent to bring a couple of wide angle cameras and capture the awe-inspiring effect that Disney Imangineers have created. No camera can truly capture the epicness of this effect, but hopefully we did a good enough job to get you excited. Next time you're in Disney California Adventure make sure to grab your Glow with the Show ears and pick up a FastPass to that evenings show! It is truly a magical experience!