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Glen Michaels / Marian McPartland - Mural/Music

4y ago


The film "Mural" is a marriage of sculpture and music that captures the creative process of an assemblage by Glen Michaels. Tile, stone, wood, wax, bronze and brass are animated to show the growth of segments of the mural, piece by piece, without the intrusion of hands. The original musical composition by the renowned jazz pianist Marian McPartland is an interpretation of the visuals which, in combination with the animation, creates a unique and expressive form of art. - Lillan Moats The Assemblage itself was commissioned for the main lobby of the (then) Manufacturer's Bank in Detroit, Michigan in the center rotunda of the newly opened Renaissance Center - Jack Butler Nancy Christiansen, Glen and Jackie Michaels, Irene Walt, Marian McPartland, Lillian Moats and many others asked that i push this only copy of the assemblages creation story up on YouTube. It's been a long time coming! You can see more of Glens work at his website, which I did as as much for myself as for him, I loved seeing the art and meeting the people alert enough to recognize his talents in time to snatch up a piece or two.... - jack butler