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smoke and mirrors

smoke and mirrors

Gladhappylove - Smoke and Mirrors (Acoustic Version)

4y ago


Bedroom production of our song, "Smoke and Mirrors," from our upcoming album "Use your imagination... or I will use it for you!" Hope you enjoy. Like us on Facebook: Here are the lyrics: For god's sake, My soul aches... Are you the kind of person who gives or who takes? Listen to the sound of when a heart breaks. Are you an enemy, Are you a friend? Are you the kind of lover who loves til the end? Listen to the sound of when a heart mends. BUT IF IT'S ALL JUST SMOKE AND MIRRORS IT'S KINDA SILLY IF IT'S CAUSING YOUR FEARS YOU CAN LOVE ME IF I'M FAR OR NEAR BUT IT'S ALL THE SAME TO ME LIFE IS PRETTY EASY CAUSE I'M EASY TO BE IT'S BEEN THE SAME FOR ALL OF THESE YEARS My poetry is a puzzle to me My words are the liberty that set me free You can never take that away from me... But are you who you say you are You come and you go like a shooting star I make a wish and then I believe... That this all just smoke and mirrors and kinda silly cause it's causing your fears You can love me if I am far or near But it's all the same to me Life is pretty easy because I am easy to be It's been the same for all of these years! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LIFE I NEVER REALLY COULD UNDERSTAND STRIFE... STEP OUT OF THE SHADOWS AND INTO THE LIGHT I'M INTO THE LIGHT I'M INTO THE LIGHT