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sasha grey

sasha grey

Girl from the Naked eye - FEATURETTE

4y ago


VISIT us at: Behind the Scenes of 'The Girl from the Naked eye' The Movie: Jake, an ex-gambler trying to pay off a debt, finds work as a driver for The Naked Eye. The Naked Eye is a private gentleman's club that fronts for a prostitution ring. Jake tires of chauffeuring around call girls and roughing up deviants that don't pay. Jake is stuck in this sad existence until he meets Sandy, an innocent misguided runaway with nowhere else to go. They form an unlikely bond and give each other the will to strive for a better life. When Sandy is found murdered, Jake searches all night to find out who killed the only person in the world who saw the good in him. Jake must survive the night while deciphering through lies, clues and his own true feelings about Sandy, The Girl from the Naked Eye. From Executive Producer Henry Mu comes "The Girl from the Naked Eye", fresh off the heels of his 2009 Toronto International Film Festival hit, "La Soga", Mu delivers another exceptional knock out by forging the diverse talents of acclaimed Director David Ren (Shanghai Kiss), acclaimed Action Director Ron Yuan (Sundance's Black Dynamite) and sizzling newcomer Jason Yee as the lead protagonist in this stunning poetic blend of comic book and film noir. "The Girl from the Naked Eye" is a stylized thriller/ action/ romance that pays homage specifically to Pulp murder novels & Noir films of the 1940s. Jason Yee is this generation's Eastwood playing the cool but sympathetic Jake in a story that packs mystery, action and romance in every unexpected corner. Samantha Streets fills the screen with beauty and pathos as Sandy, his doomed love. Ron Yuan (Prison Break, CSI:NY, Entourage) provides comic relief as the foul mouthed pimp Simon whom both Jake and Sandy work for. Rounding out the cast are Dominique Swain (Alpha Dog, Lolita), Gary Stretch (The Heavy, Alexander), Sasha Grey (Girlfriend Experience, Entourage) and Wilson Heredia (Rent).