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The Ginga Family Tree

5y ago


Why did a I pick Beethoveen's 5th Symphony? Well, for one I like his music, second there is a lot of tragedy in the Ginga family line and lastly...let's just say "Tomorrow" didn't work out ^^; EDIT: I just realized I don't have pictures of Riki in his Anime forms, both from GNG, GDW and GDWO. Also this just in, Yoshihiro created a side manga and it included a dog named Yuki. She is the offspring of either Hiyan or Giyan, no one knows which one or who their mates were, or if Yuki had any siblings. Yuki's mate is also unidentified. She has four pups named Koyuki, Jiromaru, Taromaru and Saburomaru. This is a project I've always wanted to get out of my head and onto the mini screen. Now that it's done I can finally relax -__- All this info is true, for more information go to Thank you to all the good people at Ginga Board for donating pictures to the FIG. This is probably going to be my last "Ginga" entry for quite a while. - created at