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iron man

iron man

Gifted But Twisted-Ice Cream Man (Buy it on iTunes)

2y ago


Download the NEW album free: Check out the live version of this song at the Bath Skatepark! This is a song about an evil ice cream man that runs over little kids. Then the ice cream man gets chased by kids on atvs and dirtbikes. Lyrics: Well I'm a piece of white trash livin in the suburbs working minimum wage 'cuz i'm dumber than a turd dropped out of 5th grade livin' on wellfare I don't have an ID but I don't really care I couldn't find a job it really was quite tiring but then I saw an add ice cream man now hiring I took my mother's mini-van that stolen piece of crap boom kiddies, the ice cream man is back I am the ice cream man running over kids in my mini-van Well I'm drivin' down the street shootin kids with a 40 listen in closely this is a good story I guess a little skater punk didn't really like me I said 'what you want?' and he said bite me so i took the scooper and shoved it up his pooper and hes's been limping for days and I just sat, I sat and laughed as the little punk waddled away By the way, this song was released in January 2007 so all those videos you might see using these words to Iron Man by Black Sabbath stole the idea from us.