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the conversation

Getting Schooled by a Third Grader: Video Montage of Kids Using Technology

4y ago


Tech-savvy teachers are bringing gadgets and games to the center of today's classrooms. Whether kids are jumping in front of Microsoft's Kinect, tapping on an iPad, building worlds on Minecraft, or sending tweets in kindergarten classrooms, the ways they use technology are sparking new teaching methods in elementary education—and providing some cautionary tales. As interactive media become an animating force in children's lives, how can teachers and schools make the most of its educational value? How can we tell the difference between technologies that belong in the classroom and those that are best suited for afterschool entertainment? When they use these kinds of media, what might young kids be teaching us about the way they learn? On Twitter? Follow @FutureTenseNow and join the conversation at #edtech. More at: