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"Gettin' it down with Neil Garg" (Organic Chemistry parody of Rebecca Black's FRIDAY) Final

4y ago


We could not figure out how to use autotune. But please enjoy. We will laugh with you. UCLA Chemistry 14D Instructor: Neil Garg Starring: Clara, Chantelle, Fatimah, and Derrick Spring 2012 Lyrics: Seven a.m., waking up in the morning. Gotta finish problem sets, gotta get to class. Gotta have my clicker, gotta have Voldhart. Clicker questions are ready. The time is going. Tickin' on and on, everybody's rushin'. SuperTA is knocking off seconds. Gotta know my reactions, In front of Gandalf Master Nucleophile Kickin' off the halide Coming' from the back side What substitution can it be? It's SN2, SN2 ! Gotta be primary or secondary Everyone knows not to mess with Flourine. Flourine. SN2, SN2 Gettin' down with acetone. Everybody's lookin' forward to the one step. Attackin', Attackin' (Yeah) the smaller, less hindered (Yeah) Fun, fun, fun, fun Lookin' forward to 14D 11 rxns, we're memorizin' alkene conditions Cruisin' so fast, I want to cry Fun, fun, think about fun I should know what this is I got this, Garg: "You got this" Voldhart is by my side Ay I got this, Garg: "You got this" Now you know it" Diene in the front seat Dienophile in the back seat Gotta mix and add heat And get cyclohexene. It's Alder, Alder Gotta get down with Diels Alder Garg's father in law is gettin' some this weekend, weekend Shirtless, Shirtless Gettin' down Shirtless Garg isn't looking forward to the weekend Partyin', partyin' (Yeah) Alcohol', Alcohol' (Yeah) Fun, fun, fun, fun Synthesize diols for the weekend Attacking on the Alkene, Alkene MCPBA is waiting, waiting We-we-we so excited We so excited We gonna have a epoxide today H2S04 now attacks And work-up comes afterwards I don't want this reaction to end N-G, Neil Garg So chillin' in CS50 Evan, Adam, Alex in the back seat Steven's name not rhymn' (Yeah, yeah) Evan's face is switchin' shades When Garg brings up this name (C'mon) Just gotta pass the final in front of me tick tock, tick tock, I wanna scream Check my grade, it's an A+, and it's the summer We gonna have fun, c'mon, c'mon, y'all O-Chem, O-Chem, We're going to ace 14D. lookin' forward to be ring masters, masters Neil Garg, Neil Garg Getting it down with Neil Garg Everybody's lookin' forward to the summer 15 points', 15 points (Yeah) Extra Credit, Extra Credit' (Yeah) Fun, fun, fun, fun Lookin' forward to the extra points