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three times

George Galloway speaks to 2 nutters on Irish independence

4y ago


See also: This one says it all. George Galloway speaks to two morons who have little grasp in the history of Irish independence from the United Kingdom. The first caller is the Unionist loving knuckle dragger and displays his Unionist views so candidly. The problems in Ireland started in the 16th and 17th century when the country was taken by the British crown and was colonised by English and Scottish settlers. He asks what is Orange Terror means THREE times and still thought Galloway was talking about the Orange Order. The second is just one of them ignorant people who defended the first caller and asks Galloway why he is such a firm supporter of the Irish independence thing. Galloway gives both a right beating by displaying his wealth of knowledge on the history of Ireland. The conversation with the first caller remains one of the most explosive debates to date, and is reminiscent of the above link in which Galloway argued with a Unionist and a Nationalist caller. Originally broadcasted on 20th May 2011.