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General Mills Anti-Gay Protest Gone Wrong

2y ago


General Mills Anti-Gay Protest Gone Wrong "General MIlls Protest Goes Wrong" Gay rights seem to have got this would-be protester all fired up. A video of the unidentified man shows his hilarious attempt at expressing his disgust for General Mills, a Minnesota-based cereal manufacturer which recently said it supported gay marriage. Outside the food company's headquarters, the pink-shirted man proclaims: 'One out of every eight boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios. This is really the treat now for the homosexuals! 'This is our protest of General Mills, because they're advocating same-sex marriages. So we are gonna torch some cereal!' He attempts to light Cheerios with a torch while pouring them into a bowl - but rather than catching the cereal alight, the box goes up in flames. The blaze quickly escalates and he throws the box to the ground and grass begins to catch on fire. His attempts to stamp out the flames also fail, eventually forcing him to flee.