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third person

third person

Gears of War 2 Horde Mode: Who You Gonna Call? - Ep.2 w/ Nemesis3561 (GOW 2 HD)

2y ago


Jayy Blackheart & Nemesis3561 Ventures out to the depths of hell to fighting waves of monsters from every angle of the way. Join us as we Got Facebook? LIke The BlackMan: Follow Me On Twitter: Developer: Epic Games Release: 11/7/2008 Genre: Third Person Shooting Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Website: About Gears Of War 2 In Gears of War 2, the COG continues its fight against the Locust horde, who are attempting to sink all of the cities on the planet Sera. Sergeant Marcus Fenix leads Delta Squad into the depths of the planet to try to stop the Locust during the assault upon Locust territory. The player controls Fenix in the main mission campaign, with the ability to play cooperatively with a second player controlling Fenix's best friend and fellow Squad member Dominic "Dom" Santiago. The game includes several existing and new multiplayer modes including five-on-five battles between human and Locust forces, and a "Horde" mode that challenges up to five players against waves of Locust forces with ever-increasing strength. New weapons and gameplay mechanics such as "chainsaw duels" and the ability to use downed foes as "meatshields" were added to the game. Gears Of War 2 Campaign Mode Gears Of War 2 Horde Mode Gears Of War 2 Beating The Game How to Play Gears Of War 2 How to Play Horde Mode in Gears Of War 2 Full Horde Mode Walkthrough in Gears Of War 2 Gears Of War 2 Full Playthrough Gears Of War 2 Full Walkthrough Horde Mode Gears Of War 2 Horde Mode HD Gears Of War 2, Gears Of Wars 2 Trailer, Gears Of War 2 Gameplay, Gears Of War 2 Footage, Gears Of War 2 HD, Gears Of War 2 Gameplay Footage, Gears Of War 2 Third Person Shooter, Gears Of War 2 Campaign Mode, Gears Of Wars Co-Op, Gears Of Wars 2 Campaign Multiplayer, Gears Of Wars 2 Xbox 360, Gears Of War 2 Chainsaw Bayonet, Gears Of War 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, Gears Of War 2 Marcus Phoenix, Gears Of War 2 Brumaks, Gears Of War 2 Beating The Game, Gears Of War 2 Epic Games, JayyBlackheart