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GE Review - 1953

4y ago


A series of shorts made for television. Pres. Ralph Cordiner presents 200th pension check to retiree. Sphere being built at West Milton (containment vessel for nuclear reactor). Model of sphere is shown. Section of submarine hull. Dr. K.H. Kingdon describes sodium-cooled reactor. Exploring by x-ray. Patient on rotating table. X-ray tube manufacture. X-rays used for quality control on production line. Miniature industrial x-ray. Automated feeding of dairy cows. B-29 bomber converted into flying laboratory at Schenectady Flight Test Center: jet engine lowered from bomb bay. Find lost golf ball at Mohawk Golf Club by use of radioactive golf ball. St. Lawrence Seaway Project built with help of all-electric dredge. Grading man-made diamonds from Carboloy plant in Detroit.