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sine wave

sine wave

Garbage Version 2.0 (FULL Album remixed in Nintendo Hyper 8-Bit by Daryl Banner)

4y ago


LIKE me on Facebook! What the hell is Hyper 8-Bit, you politely ask? It means the inclusion of offensive non-8-bit sounds, like Sine Wave, Saw Tooth, and (why not) extra Square Waves and Noise Tracks. Blasphemy!! MP3 DOWNLOAD LINKS: Hyper Garbage : Version 2.0 01 - Temptation Waits 02 - I think I'm Paranoid 03 - When I Grow Up 04 - Medication 05 - Special 06 - Hammering In My Head 07 - Push It 08 - The Trick is to Keep Breathing 09 - Dumb 10 - Sleep Together 11 - Wicked Ways 12 - You Look So Fine 13 - #1 Crush (bonus track) FULL ALBUM of Garbage's Debut in Hyper 8-bit here: Listen to (and download) the FULL ALBUM of Tori Amos "From the Choirgirl Hotel" in Hyper 8-bit here: Listen to (and download) the FULL ALBUM of "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morissette in Hyper 8-bit here: Like Radiohead? Hyper There There - Also check out my Lady Gaga mixes: Hyper Gaga - Judas - Hyper Gaga - Born This Way - Hyper Gaga - Marry The Night - And for Michael Jackson fans, Hyper Thriller: If you're a Final Fantasy fan, check out my musical-retelling of their epic stories here: "VII" - Final Fantasy VII - "Dark Paladin" - Final Fantasy IV - I hope you enjoy this album, which means so much more to me than stupid words can say. If you stick around, there's a bonus 13th track for the star-crossed lovers out there. Enjoy! Long live The Shining Shirley Manson and her gang!