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above all

above all

Gamification Drives Customer Engagement /// Allegorie Design by Mike Roberts

4y ago


Gamification or concepts used to make games more engaging can be applied to businesses, products, services, and ideas. This video is an overview touching on customer motivations, incentives, and practical examples of how companies have applied all of this. Follow me on: My Blog: Twitter: Google+: More detail: Companies have a growing need to provide an engaging experience for their customers, and incorporating Gamification techniques is becoming an increasingly better way to do that. This concept has been buzzing around for some time now, but a deeper understanding is needed to effectively implement it into a real business; simply putting badges on your website and giving away mediocre prizes isn't going to cut it. There are two game mechanics concepts that game designers consider when building games that are also helpful when developing products, services, ideas or businesses. The first is understanding what players or customers crave above all else at the root level. The second is understanding what fundamentally motivates and drives consumers to act. At the end, we'll tie it all together to show how these concepts need to be taken to the next level in the near future.