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higgs boson

higgs boson

[GameGrumps Remix] - Magic Man Dad & His Seven Asses Technique

4y ago


DOWNLOADS MP3/320: WAV: -------------------------------------------- A child discovers the wonderful world of Butt Bumpin', and seeks the training of his father, the bloopinest Butt Bumper the world has ever known. The child asks question after question, and soon the wise master decides that it is time to pass down the legendary Butt Bumpin' technique that has lived on through their bloodline: The 7 Asses Technique. -------------------------------------------- I have a knack for taking things out of context and giving them new ones. Got some wicked good samples from a bunch of different places, not just GameGrumps episodes. I only wish I could've gotten a cleaner cut from JonTron's Banjo & Kazooie video for his "It's Sublime, It's Godlike, It's GOOOOOoooooood" line. Other than that, I was once again pleased with how well everything fit to 85 BPM without much editing. VIDEOS SAMPLED: GameGrumps - Mega Man 7 - Higgs Boson - Part 3 GameGrumps - Mega Man 7 - Four More Robits - Part 5 GameGrumps - Mega Man 7 - Seven Asses - Part 8 GameGrumps - Link to the Past - I Saw Your Kindle - Part 5 JonTronShow - Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Egoraptor - Girlchan In Paradise - Episode 1