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Please Do Read Below. BAL-B GABRU MUSIC: BEE2 LYRICS: RANA KANGAWALA VIDEO: HM INTERNATIONAL About Bal-B Introducing UK born and raised Baljit Singh Biring (stage name Bal-B) who is set out to release his debut single "Gabru". This song has given him an opportunity to put his passion for music into play. Bal-B has grown up living a very desi environment and spending a lot of time in Punjab; Bal-B gained the knowledge and understanding he needed to help him launch his career in the Bhangra Industry. From a young age, Bal-B would go through his dads record collection and dig up hits by legends such as Kuldeep Manak, Mohamed Siddique, Chamkilla etc, hoping that one day he will be amongst the collection of music held by a keen Bhangra enthusiast. Now the journey to becoming that legend has finally begun. Now Bal-B has decided to launch his first single "Gabru"; the song was written by "Rana Kangawalaa" of Wolverhampton and Produced by a friend within the industry who goes by the name of Bee2. The video is filmed partially in Bal-B's Pind "Chachoki (Phagwara)" and the remainder within his own land. Now Bal-B thought his dream was complete; but the truth is it's only just begun. Bal-B is currently working on multiple upcoming projects to follow on from his debut single in which you will see the young star push the boundaries of Bhangra music, this is certainly not the last you will see of this young artist. Words By Bal-B " The truth is guys, this song was recorded when I was 16. Due to some errors in this song it was never scheduled to be released. Cancer has become one of those things that humans fight but many fail. May 9th 2012 I lost someone very close to myself which I looked up to for knowledge and guidance and was also a farther figure in my life. This track was a dream of his as much mine to be released and shared with everyone. However due to faults I did not wish to release. Everyone comes on this earth and then leaves. Even though you are no longer with us i wanted to complete the last thing you said to me and your dream. So here it is "Bal-B Gabru" This one if for you Thiya! (Uncle: Sadhu Singh Biring) I hope you are proud, one day we will meet again until then good night." Thank You For Reading.