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Gabriel Aubry and Nahla spend a day together at The Grove! - Hollywood.TV

2y ago


Hollywood.TV is your source for celebrity gossip, news, and videos of your favorite stars! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Gabriel Aubry and his daughter Nahla were spotted spending a day out with Nahla's friend at The Grove. There's an awful lot of adorableness in this clip, as this is clearly one of Gabriel's days with Nahla, seeing as he shares custody with Halle Berry. One things for sure, it's truly a shame that Nahla has to be dragged along through this custody battle. Hollywood.TV is the global leader in capturing celebrity breaking news as it happens. Launched in 2008, we capture all the latest news, exclusive celebrity interviews, star videos and hot celebrity gossip from around the world every minute of everyday. HTV is on the streets 24/7, at all the industry events and invited by the stars to cover their every move in Hollywood, New York and Miami. Hollywood.TV is currently the third most viewed reporter channel on YouTube with almost 400 million views, and our footage is seen worldwide! Tune in daily for all the latest Hollywood news on and like us on Facebook!