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keyboard cat

Future How to Build Videos (The Queue)

1y ago


Upcoming "How To Build" videos: 7/2 Dr. Robotnik & Eggmobile List of possible models for future How To Build videos. Not every single one of these will become a video, but these are the ideas I am considering. Soccer stadium ROBOphelia's car Transformer K0P-3R Eye of Eyes Pumpkins Scarecrow Franky Job Characters Big Evil Robot Elephant Superhero opera singing sand worm Hinged bridge from Pro-green commercial Sackboy Octopus Arch thingy from Orange Beats Binary Bowling Alley Taco Stand Dinosaur Robot Squirrel Evil Villains lair SVELT Classroom Evil Pig Big monster with Minifig rider king kong and skyscraper Casino ROBOphelia's arm accessories & Grabbor's bug eyes Mini-soccersaurus SVELT students (and bank civilians) Factory furnace from Orange Beats Binary Pie, Fruit Salad & Tommy Turntable Kitchen Appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, blender) Phil and Sherry's first house Circular Platform (studs facing out, 12-16 studs in diameter) Tiresaurus Alphabet and Numbers Mythical Creatures 2/3 (Mini-Kraken, Banshee, Griffin, Basilisk, Loch Ness Monster, Hydra, Satyr, Pegasus) Goat w moving legs SNOT (Studs Not On Top) Techniques Food stand Cyclops Entertainment cabinet Hallway of doors Small cottage Daleks SVELT students New Block prisoners Stonehenge Cube dude pinchbot Clam club entrance Brick-Built Zundar Silverspine Tardis Cube Dude Tahu Brick built dog Teletubbies Big shapes (buildings from color city hide and seek) Mosaic of my face Trees from Pro-Green commercial Rock stars (punk, mod, goth, etc.) Puzzle box Soccer Teams Simpsons Family Planet Express Team Giant Cheese Cake Man eating tree Tall tower Grabbor's TV Minifig-scale Toa Zaphod Beeblebrox Cubedudes of the rest of the NNN cast (including the steves) Go-kart A big figuria monster Dr. Who Characters Campfire Kitchen ATM Optimus Prime (G1) Red Car from Franky Job Pacman and ghosts Racecar ipod Futurama Characters Crocogator with moving legs Cruise ship Mythical Creatures 3 (Greek/Roman Gods, hellhound, Faun/Satyr, jersey devil, chimera) Link (from Ocarina of Time) Iron Chefs Pokeball queen metroid Skeleton Horse and Skeleton Crocadile w/ moving legs Raft from LEGO Movie 2.33 Cubedude and sigfig me Penguins Phil and Sherry as Robots Shopping Cart Household objects old gas pump Pinchbot minifig candy canes candy machine Miniland scale NNN team piranagoat mobile Micro-scale Hogwarts castle simple car car with a giant minifig head cuckoo clock tortoise/unicorn housegunboat Wrestling Ring 1958 Vauxhall Cresta PA Ramp for cars On the street backdrops Minecraft Endermen orange (the fruit) ninjago tornado basic cubedude slenderman minecraft cubes skatepark hot air balloons mario minifigs Duckzilla: a giant duck Dragon/Dinosaur hybrid mutant giant LEGO brick godzilla minifig sized deck chairs boss chair general grievous cubedude pig with moving legs mini volkswagen van lego mini tv and xbox supercomputer & and spinny chair nyan cat bank from SVELT commercial angry birds (and king pig) pinchbot vehicles (car) angel Castle Ninja Dragon turtle panda pokemon chess set big burrito The Beatles river bridge iPhone troll face chinese dragon fantasy troll kitchen living room wood-burning stove crab domo keyboard cat ender dragon police car evil clown coffee machine the 3 stooges pinball machine chuck norris famous/popular aliens mr. potato head a bunny toy train daft punk poke-bot old historic bridge kirby fishtank pikachu pick up truck fireworks Sully from monsters inc bathroom bathroom stall minecraft mobs spike trap skeleton dragon skeleton pig and unicorn A circus ring chocolate chip cooke petstore interior ghostbusters and their car british shorthair cat 1969 dodge charger 2010 Camaro 1961 Ferrari 1800 GT California Dragon lair Rock band instruments ford 1950s pickup f2 flathead 2011 Mazda 3 1959 Chevy Camino t-rex 59 caddy ambulance 1966 Cadillac coupe divlle 2 door hardtop Pink brick bucket stuff Fishing boat characters form Doug ent beach scene w/ ice cream stand bric...