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alex ovechkin

alex ovechkin

Furcatt- Ovie- Ice, Ice, Ice

2y ago


From Smack Rap II By Furcatt Alex Ovechkin, Is the main player. Soon well all say Alex for mayor In the offseason We need some trades Resign holbey Make him paid It really sucked when Dale hunter left, Hes gone so its Something we gotta accept Ovie might be A little over paid But when it comes to goals Bitch hes got it made. I'm glad we got rid of Bruce Budro Fucked up the line ups He was all for show He didn't really capture The hearts of the players Even at first I was a naysayer Holby semin, And mike Green. Ovie, backstrom Really makes the team This season Well be in the hot seat Fuck the rangers And fuck you Crosby Everyear the playoffs Are depressing. We need to shape up, Cause there aint no messin We always seem to make it To the number one seed, A little bit of heart Is exactly what we need. Nothing like a night In the Verizon center We need hunter back to be a mentor. I'm just like Ovie Cause im on the attack Wait till next season Cause well be back. Track 08 Written, Recorded, and Performed by Will Kapfer © 2012