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electro house

electro house

Full song tutorial How to make a song from scratch electro house The Longing - Mr. Duder

4y ago


BUY THIS TRACK if this has helped you please. =) Here's the link to the track if you want to listen to the track first to see if you like it enough to watch this =) So here's my second full song tutorial. My last one was a HUGE undertaking and took FOREVER and i think everyone wanted it to be shorter. hahaha soooo..... i decided to just do an in-depth of my new track rather than create it from scratch again to save us all some time. if there's something that you want more explanation on or a more in-depth look at, i'm more than happy to go over that in another video or answer it best i can in the comments. just ask! DISCLAIMER!!!! this is how I made this track. not every track is made the same. not everyone is going to do things this way. im not claiming to know everything and be right in the way i do things. im sure there are a TON of things i can be doing differently and better. if you notice, please feel free to let me know. i'm always down to learn more too! =) Follow me on soundcloud and shoot a nice comment my way if you like these tutorials subscribe please if you like follow me on twitter @mrduder follow me on soundcloud facebook support me if you like my tutorials please =)