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Fukushima JP update 7/18/12 (SFP#4 -1 fuel rod removed,Fault lines Under Nucelar reactorS)

4y ago


Originally published on Jul 18, 2012 by MsMilkytheclown One nuclear fuel rod has been removed from Spent Fuel Pool #4 (unused - "less radioactive than spent fuel rods) One more due to be removed tomorrow - due to weather conditions. Ohi nuclear plant running but guess what - there is a fault crack underneath it. Not to worry, they won't bother shutting off the nuclear reactor to check for fault crack on active earthquake zone. Fear not. NISA 900 underground fissures near Oi ohi plant. Also, shika nuclear poer plant run by kansai - crack under it. Meanwhile, protests of approx 170,000 demonstrators against nuclear power are blatantly ignored. Honey Badger (the Japanese Government) don't care. Norton2012ify from YT reads a RT article explaining the EXTREME DANGER from the leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant into the pacific ocean - and the extreme danger of radioactivity - particularly on the west coast, but certainly more inland as well. Also, helicopter flyby of the removal of the first unused fuel rod from SFP number4 GAVE ME A COPYRIGHT STRIKE! I JUST HAD PART OF THE FLYBY OF THE FIRST REMOVAL OF THE FUEL ROD - HISTORY IN THE MAKING, AND HAD Norton2012ify read the RT article and got this message: may have content that is owned or licensed by TV Asahi Corporation. link to norton2012ify channel here Oh, here's a good one, there are microorganisms that can live in spent fuel pools eating STAINLESS STEEL METAL AS IT'S FOOD SOURCE. Do you think nuclear engineers had that as part of their specifications when they built these "swear word"s? Strange crabs washing up on Hawiian shores - unknown species - even to marine biologists. Mock quake exercise for Tokyo - Thousands expected to die if the expected happens. Article cutting Fukushima into 3 sectors. and the usual ENEnews headlines: Nuclear Engineer who advised Prime Minister: Danger of radiation escaping from No. 4 fuel pool during strong aftershock — We don't know what may happen if there's another major quake — "We hope for the best" -AP Palast: "It's phony, it's a lie" — There's no photo from Fukushima Daiichi of a diesel generator wet, let alone flooded — Seismic testing systematically faked at nuke plants worldwide (VIDEO) "High neutron flux" causes shutdown at New York nuke plant — "Neutrons are not equally spread around reactor core" "Explosion inside a protected area" at U.S. nuke plant, says local official near Philadelphia — "No impact on public health" says NRC Fukushima Study: People inhaled up to 85,000 becquerels of radioactivity... in just 4 hours — Includes only iodine-131 Tepco requests media not film Unit 4 operation — Checking if fuel was affected by UNIT 3 explosion — 2nd assembly to be removed Thursday (PHOTO) Asahi: Most delicate work since 3/11 — Tepco removing nuclear fuel "to confirm whether it's damaged" (NEW PHOTOS) Film Crew Near Fukushima Plant: "That was bizarre, I felt it as well" — We drove into a high radiation area and something happened in the car (VIDEO) NHK: Fuel removal process underway at Unit 4 (VIDEOS) Local Japanese Official: "This is the worst nation in history" — It's equal to the war, when I think of medical cost and sharing of social burdens from radiation exposure Researcher made to drink tea laced with strontium-90: Lawsuit NHK admits "the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi is still ongoing" (VIDEO) 16-year-old was working at Fukushima Daiichi after 3/11 Radio: Radiation from Fukushima disaster going nowhere fast — Levels can change a 100 times just crossing the street — No useful data being published by gov't (AUDIO) Bloomberg: Fukushima fallout may be deadlier than predicted, says Stanford study — 10 times worse if weather was different — A lot more to it than just cancer -Author Another nuclear industry 'shill' scandal hits Japan hearings Fukushima Mother: Many children are showing symptoms of contamination — Nosebleeds, colds and coughs don't...