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higgs boson

higgs boson

Fuganto+Anita - The Science of Love [cinematical same day edit ]

4y ago


DIrected by Garry Valentino Written by Fuganto We weren't sure how to make a good wedding video at first. We saw other's videos and we thought, wow, they are so elaborate, with storyline etc. So we just went along with whatever we know & let it naturally happen. We wanted to reflect a beautiful and romantic scene, so we chose bali. I brought my guitar, and Anita booked the same resort where I proposed to her. First we shopped for clothes, anita brought 2-3 summer dress, while I brought summer suit & shorts. We got matching T shirts, with A&F letters to symbolize our initials. We were nervous at first, not knowing what to say. I thought of using a recent scientific breakthru that is the discovery of the higgs boson-the particle that created all things that exists around us-as a way to symbolize how I found love thru Anita, that created a big new world for me and her. Garry and the axioo team was very friendly, encouraging and open minded. They put us at ease immediately, letting us just be ourselves, enjoy the moments and capturing those raw natural feelings on camera. They also managed to capture the beauty of nature in bali, making us blend so well with the wonderful scenery and setting. The result of the video was fantastic! It was a surprise because we only saw it during our wedding day. I'm super happy with the result of the video by garry. It looks like a hollywood blockbuster! I also received so many praises from our friends about the movie, it made the bride and groom look like super star, they said. The team is amazingly talented, friendly, and fun to work with. I think this is hands down the best wedding videographers in the world. Thanks to Garry and axioo for capturing our special moment in our lives and making it so mindblowingly beautiful in a movie! Regards, Fu