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let it go

let it go

Frozen - Let It Go - 27 versions (One-Line Multilanguage) HD

2y ago


Check the new "Let It Go" One-Line Multilanguage here! ♪ 38 languages ♪ - - - Finally this video it's done! I've been working like 10 hours for this and I can't believe that it came out so nicely :D! Thank you very much to illusionndream, Nikolakis Vlas and Flore Berninghton for helping me to find some versions! In case somebody finds any new versions like the Slovene, Romanian, Japanese, Indonesian or Swedish, please send me :). In case I've mistaken or missed some names, please say so. Lastly, thanks to Nikolakis Vlas where I've found the list with names x)! - - - Personal favorites : Greek, Thai, French, Cantonese, Polish, Danish, Romanian, Mandarin Small like : Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian, Latin Spanish Okay versions : Flemish, Croatian Italian, Spanish, Malay, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Finnish, Russian, Brazilian, Hebrew, - English ( I really can't stand Idina Menzel, I really appreciate her and Hebrew singer's voice, because it's really nice, but doesn't fit at all for Elsa ) Whatever : Slovak ( not the best, but oh well ) Quick Note!! I appreciate every singer's work for this song, but this is just a little ranking - personal opinion, please respect it and please don't shout at me :(. - - - Please watch in HD! Please post in the comments your favorites :) - - - 27 versions: Brazilian: Taryn Szpilman Bulgarian: Nadejda Panaiotova Cantonese: Jobelle Ubalde Castilian: Gisela Croatian: Nataša Belošević Czech: Monika Absolonová Danish: Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg Dutch: Willemijn Verkaik English: Idina Menzel Finnish: Katja Sirkiä Flemish: Elke Buyle French: Anaïs Delva German: Willemijn Verkaik Greek: Σία Κοσκινά/Sia Koskina Hebrew: Mona Mor Hungarian: Füredi Niki Italian: Serena Autieri Latin Spanish: Carmen Sarahi Malay: Marsha Milan Norwegian: Lisa Stokke Polish: Katarzyna Łaska Portuguese: Ana Encarnação Russian: Anna Buturlina Slovak: Andrea Somorovska Thai: Gam the Star Ukrainian: Shanys Vietnamese: Dương Hoàng Yến - - - If anybody wonders from here I got the cantonese one! Versions missing : Swedish ( Thank you Katarina Emo, it's absolutely amazing! ) Slovene ( Thank you TatsuraJ for informing me!! ) : Romanian ( watch it here ) : Mandarin ( watch it here ) : ( Thank you to KHeartsDiva and Ce Reve Bleu :)) ) Icelandic ( Thank you to Halldora Jonasdottir! ) : Turkish ( Thank you celescole ) : Lithuanian ( Thank you liuke withoutacoolname! ) : Estonian : Serbian : THANK YOU SO MUCH TatsuraJ! : Filipino / Tagalog : Korean : - - - I own nothing! This video was created for entertainment purposes only! Everything belongs to Disney!