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The Adventure Blog

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From California To Hawaii - An Amazing Kayaking Adventure Has Ties To The Island

4y ago

Description CHEMAINUS -- From the Coast of California to the Coast of Hawaii. By Kayak. It sounds impossible, unrealistic and downright dangerous, but one American Adventurer says it can be done. And he plans on proving it. Wave Vidmar will leave on his Kyack in two weeks for a journey that has only been pulled once before -- twenty five years ago. Wednesday, Vidmar came to Chemainus to pick up his one-of-a-kind kayak made by Vancouver Island's Seaward Kayaks. The company is known within the industry for making the toughest and most sophisticated kayaks in the world. Wave's kayak will be equipped with solar panels that will generate enough power for a computer and camera. The journey will take Wave roughly 50 days to complete and will see the American travel over 3000 nautical miles. Many outdoor adventurers say this trip is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest without Oxygen. Wave Vidmar leaves from the Monterey Peninsula later this month. Follow Chandler Grieve on Twitter: