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Fringe 4.22 - What are you doing here?

4y ago


Fringe S04E22 Brave New World (Part 2) - May 11, 2012 Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), September Observer (Michael Cerveris) What are you doing here? I am not here of my own volition. (Jessica) Step back from him. Set down your weapon. Slowly. What are you doing? I'm sure many things are racing through your mind right now. But none of are as important as what I'm about to say. If you ever want to see Walter again, put down your gun. You work for Bell. You're here because this is important, right? So why don't you do something? (Jessica) He can't. The stasis runes at his feet keep him stuck right where he is. Unfortunately for you, this was a future you didn't foresee. It seems he's very concerned about the events in your life. And Dr. Bell said that, if we put you in harm's way, he'd appear. That day you were infected, that was intentional. You never had a daughter. I hate kids. Now let's see how concerned you are about him. [Gunshots] They can operate at hyper-attenuated time. To us, it almost looks like magic. It's not, though. It's just tech that essentially lets them move very, very fast. Now this gun is an invention of Dr. Bell's. Shoots faster. [Gunshot] (Olivia) Okay, what are you doing? I mean, what do you want? Please, could you just put the gun down and talk to me? He feels no emotion. Perhaps no pain. This won't upset him. But it appears to upset you. Damn it, stop. Just-- just tell me what it is that you want. [Gunshots]