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prince of bel-air

prince of bel-air

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air - Papas Got a Brand new Excuse.

4y ago


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - 424 - Papa's Got a Brand-New Excuse First off, i don't own anything in this vid. (this due to third party copyright stuff etc.) This is one of the few Fresh Prince episodes that tries very few jokes. It uses more of an emotional build-up. Throughout the episode, Will spends lots of time with his father, who is being pulled away from Uncle Phil by Lou. It even causes Will to yell at Phil "Who cares what you think? You are NOT my father!" At the end, Will goes to leave with his father, but Will says there is an extra trucker and cannot fit his son. He tells him sorry and goodbye. Will finally understands that this man is not his real father and says "Goodbye ... Lou." And Lou once and for all leaves Will's life. Will first starts yelling that he "had 14 great years of his life. "I learned how to fight without him, I learned how to play basketball, and I got pretty good at it, too. When I grow up, I'm gonna have me a whole bunch of kids and I'll be a better father than he ever was. Cause there ain't a d*** thing he can teach me how to love my kids! With that Will finally breaks down crying and says "How come he don't want me, man". And for once, Uncle Phil and Will have a real touching moment. - I hope this clears some father's minds a little.