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Fresh Kills, Staten Island Then and Now

4y ago


On March 22, 2001, after 53 years of operation, the Fresh Kills Landfill received its final load of garbage. Staten Islanders had been fighting for decades to close the landfill, and with the help of former Governor George Pataki, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Borough President Guy Molinari, and former Congresswoman Susan Molinari, we were finally successful. Now, Fresh Kills is being transformed into our Citys most glorious park. It will feature both active and passive recreational areas. To preserve the historical significance of our fight to close the landfill, the Office of the Borough President, in coordination with Staten Island Community Television, will be co-producing a documentary entitled Fresh Kills: Then and Now. This in-depth film will debut on March 22, 2011, which is the 10th Anniversary of the closure of the Landfill. The documentary will feature existing footage of landfill operations and closure, and new footage of first-hand interviews and tours of Fresh Kills as it exists today. The above video is consists of archival footage which details a brief history of the landfill and its closing.